Super Stylish Looks of Keerthy suresh going viral in the Internet

The first musical video starring heroine ‘Keerthy Suresh’ has been released. The song was created by Sony Music, The Root Association. Composed by Pawan CH, the song was penned by Suddala Ashok Teja and sung by Ananya Bhatt. Directed and choreographed by Vrinda Master, the song goes on to say, ‘Gandhari .. Gandhari .. you forget .. Gandhari .. the thief looks like a moonlight’

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the song, Kirti Suresh said, “Making a music video like ‘Gandhari’ seemed like an experiment. We finished the song in two days. I did the songs choreographed by the band masters. Now she is happy to work under his direction.

After the song ‘Saranga Daria’, Pawan CH received another hit as the music director with this ‘Gandhari’ song. ” Kirti danced wonderfully. I did this song while enjoying being a choreographer and a director, ”said the band. Music director Pawan, Route spokesperson Aishwarya and others were present. 

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